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Flower Figurines, Hand Carving-- For those who are as lovely as flowers

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Good Cheer
Surrounded by Love
For You
Thank You
Lavender Grace
Abundance So much love!
9 Pieces Set
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To Love & Friendship! Make Her Day More Special Here!
💐Friends are flowers in our garden. Like flowers, our friends each have a distinctive flair, colour, bloom and vibrancy.

💞Each flower figurine expresses a different emotion — love, friendship, appreciation, good cheer — to communicate to friends, family, teachers, caregivers, that you’re thinking of them.

💞Each flower represents a variety of good wishes for our loved ones or friends.

💐Bloom--Like our friendship... vibrant and ever-constant.

Calla lilies have a long flowering period ...... So the quality of this flower represents supportive, ongoing friendship.
💐Good Cheer--Wishing you sunny days of happiness

Good Cheer reflects a sentiment of positive enthusiasm with its big bouquet of sunny yellow roses—symbolizing friendship, optimism and well-being.

💐Surprise-- A bouquet of wonderful wishes

"When tulips bloom, they're such a delightful surprise—a harbinger of spring… of longer days, sunshine, outdoor activity, new beginnings and refreshing changes.g new... 

💐Surrounded by Love--Abundant love surrounds you

The red poppy is a symbol of remembrance. If a person is going through a difficult time, it can be a reminder of the family and friends who support and accompany them.

💐For You--Just a little something

Cheerful and sunny, wildflowers are harbingers of spring that bloom, thrive, and return year after year. They're a metaphor for the friendships that brighten our lives daily. 

🙆‍♀️🎁A gift to express appreciation and thankfulness for teachers, volunteers, donors, caregivers, friends… or for those who love flowers!